Remote Tutoring

Acumen Tutoring has conducted remote tutoring sessions since 2014, mostly to graduated seniors who need help with college courses. Now that Orange County is in formal lock-down (press release here), all of our tutoring will be conducted online.

I think you'll find that our remote tutoring is as effective as sitting side-by-side and, of course, helps fight the spread of the novel coronavirus.


Zoom and FaceTime

We use Zoom software to meet with our students on-line.

Zoom 1_blurred If you haven’t worked with Zoom, it’s very adept software for conducting on-line meetings. The student and teacher can see and hear each other and they share an on-screen whiteboard that both can draw on. Together with the ability to share screens, Zoom provides a one-on-one experience remarkably similar to a side-by-side session.

(See screen shot at right; click on the image for a larger view.)


How it works

At the agreed-upon time, the teacher texts the student a link to the on-line session. When the student clicks on the link, the Zoom software is activated and the teacher and student are now seeing each other and are ready to work.

That’s all there is to it!


What you need


Installing Zoom

The Zoom installer is available via the link in this page’s sidebar. (Look to the upper-right of this page.) This link takes to to the Zoom Downloads Page; just click on the button labelled “Zoom client for meetings” and then run the installer that is downloaded to your computer.

See you on-line!