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This Week's Available Times

This is a list of the hour-long slots currently available this week for tutoring sessions.

Note that these hours are quite fluid; some will disappear as people take those slots and new ones will be added as people cancel. The list will be updated whenever the schedule changes.

Also note that these hours are for science, math, and Java programming sessions. I'm afraid tutoring for English, history, and writing are no longer available.

Finally, block names below indicate St. Margaret blocks; however, anyone may sign up for these times.


Updated November 29, 9:00 am

November 27 - December 5

Saturday 11/27

  • ---

Sunday 11/28

  • ---


  • ---


  • 11:20 (A block)


  • 10:40 (non-SMES)
  • 11:40 (non-SMES)
  • 12:00 (non-SMES)


  • 8:30 (G block)


  • ---

Note that I usually don't know about weekend openings until Friday late afternoon.

Saturday 12/4

  • ---

Sunday 12/5

  • ---