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Acumen Summer Tutoring

Start the school year ahead of the game!

Summer is a time for relaxation and recharging, but for most it is also a time for preparation and planning. Acumen Tutoring’s summer tutoring will help your student get a head-start on the coming school year.

Summer tutoring will continue to be conducted via Zoom. Students can join me from home or come to me and make use of my Isolation Office, if that's more convenient. (I hope to resume side-by-side tutoring in the coming school year, CDC willing.)

Here’s what we are offering for this Summer 2021:


One-on-one Tutoring

I offer individual tutoring throughout the summer. 

Summer School

Tutoring is especially important if your student is taking a course in summer school. Tutoring will make the intense, concentrated nature of those classes easier to deal with.


Preparation for next year
Math, Science, Computer Science

If your student is taking anything from Algebra 1 to AP Calculus, 9th grade physics to AP Chem, twice-weekly meetings through the summer (with breaks for holiday trips, of course) are usually sufficient to cover much of the 1st quarter’s topics in a particular class. Students taking Geometry will especially benefit from learning how to do formal proofs.


Computer Science
Java Programming

If your student is going to be taking a computer class next year or just wants to get a taste of what coding is all about, he or she will find it useful to meet with me over the summer. We’ll write Java code (the language taught in the AP CompSci A class) and create a simple game or two while learning the principles and practice of computer programming.


Summer Hours

I am available for tutoring during the summer Saturday through Thursday 9:00-5:00. The last session starts at 4:00. Other times are available by arrangement.

A list of the times currently available for summer tutoring is here.